Saturday, 31 March 2012

A new life!

Today I witnessed something I have never seen before and it was wonderful. We were out walking our two dogs along a country lane when we noticed in the sheep field a ewe rolling on her side. At first I thought she might have just been having a scratch but it soon became very clear that she was in fact giving birth!

Unfortunately she had chosen a spot right by the lane and so as we appeared with our hounds it was enough for her to get up and jog across the field, surprisingly sprightly for one with a hoof sticking out of her birth canal...

We moved on as fast as possible and once we'd reached the end of the field she was back on her side working away.  On our return 30 minutes later, there was a beautiful new lamb being given a very good clean and trying it's best not to collapse every time it staggered to its feet.

Gorgeous. Spring really is here people!

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