Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Power vs Pain part 2

At the heart of giving birth with confidence is a simple fact:

Women are designed by nature to give birth to babies vaginally.

This simple fact has become overshadowed by the modern world's preoccupation with medical knowledge. Don't get me wrong, countless women and babies have survived childbirth because of modern medicine and we would not want to go back to much more dangerous days.

But it is also the case that the more you treat a birth like a medical event, the more likely you are to require medical intervention. And once you start intervening, the woman has less control over the situation, less confidence in her own abilities, less detailed understanding of what is happening, and further interventions become more likely.

If you believe that birth is a natural event that your body is specifically designed to do, you give yourself a great advantage from the outset. If you add to that an understanding of the process of labour, of the changes your body will go through and the purpose of those changes, then you have the building blocks for a labour that you can approach and experience not as a trial to be feared, but as a positive and empowering episode in the journey to meet your baby.

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