Monday, 19 March 2012

Those magic moments

My nine month old son is generally a good sleeper but has phases of shall I put it?...quite a while to go to sleep. With enough patience he will eventually stop motoring round the cot burbling to himself and take more milk to fall asleep but some nights, like tonight, the motoring goes on a bit too long. Quite frankly, at that point I am in danger of either falling asleep myself - thereby relinquishing my only amount of me and husband time completely - or getting moody because I want my glass of wine.

Tonight, however, was one of those times with children when you hold your breath, think did that really just happen shortly followed by  will that ever happen again  and the crossing off all fingers and toes to try and make sure it does happen again.

Tonight as the motoring round the cot phase started to stretch a tad too much, I pulled a blanket over me (the baby's bed is next to ours), announced I was going to sleep, said 'night night' and began to gently snore while keeping one eye ever so slightly open for baby monitoring.

He rubbed his ear, then his eye. He sat still. Then he laid down next to me, bum in the air. He spent four or five minutes shuffling himself through various positions (all involving bum in air, it's a favourite) before his breathing slowed and he fell asleep.

More amazingly, he has been asleep ever since. Needless to say, we shall see what we shall see tomorrow. But it was a lovely moment to see him contentedly putting himself to sleep.

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