Sunday, 1 April 2012

Current favourite toys - 9 months old

Wonderworld Rainbow Sound Blocks
Quite simply a winner every time we get them out (pretty much every day). Shake them, stack them, bang them, carry them. They say 24 months+ but the wood and paints are baby safe and they are the perfect size for him now so why wait?

Sassy Pop n Push car
In the last couple of weeks Felix has started playing with this as a car. He pushes it along himself, winds it up and sets it off and then crawls mega fast after it. Normally giggling madly. Delightful to watch.

Odds and Sods
The wooden hammer from a Mothercare peg bashing thing.
A Corgi Ford Escort some poor child left in the pub.
A flat wooden block from his building block trolley that he has in his hand as he crawls along, sounding just like a wooden legged pirate as he clonks along the wooden floor...
His clothes boxes (open topped plastic crates) which he loves to unpack  :)

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