Saturday, 28 April 2012

Saturday night ramblings

It is late on Saturday night, I have left them to it down in the pub and the babe is sleeping to the sound of banjo tunes and laughter. I should be in bed catching up on the sleep that I never quite seem to have enough of at the moment but I also want to write, except I'm a bit too tired to think straight!

Random thoughts:

We now have a doorway cut through to our spare flat so no longer have to tuck our towels under our arms and stroll across the roof terrace in full view of the village to go have a shower. Long story, and definitely something to celebrate. We also have a bathroom stud wall and a plan for sockets and light fittings. A bath. After four and a half years we will own a bath!

We have run out of fishy dog treats. They are distraught. They don't get much attention these days compared to pre-baby days, but they are religious about their nightly treat. I suspect I am very low in their estimation right now.

The hair on the right side of Felix's head is finally starting to curl like the rest of it. He's always slept on that side and it's never grown the same. Today was a mad scientist hair kind of day. And a constant laughing day. And a 'I've grown a bit more and can now reach the next shelf up' day so tomorrow I shall be clearing yet more shelves.

Both my dogs are dreaming at the same time. Both are twitching their nose hairs. One is clicking his tongue, the other is snorting gently. The soundtrack of my life!

And on that note, good night.

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