Friday, 20 April 2012

Sensory rooms

Whilst visiting Jen-my-friend-with-twins we spent a beautiful two hours in the sensory room at her local children's centre. We don't have a children's centre near us (one of the 'benefits' I expect of living somewhere so lightly populated) nor any sensory facility that I know of.

I now want one.

It wasn't amazing or elaborate. There was a bubble tube and some fiber optics to play with, there was a ball pit and wooden wall panels with lots of fiddly stuff to fiddle with. Projected images danced on the walls. There were boxes of interesting bits and pieces to play with, toys of all different textures, big squashy cushions and low lights. 

With the lights down low and the bubble tube set to alternate colours we all breathed a big sigh of relief and relaxed. We spent twice as long in there as we intended and all the babies eventually fell soundly asleep and left us to it.

Glorious. It was way better than relaxing at home in an unexpected moment of quiet, because there you always had something staring at you needing to be done. Two hours in a little dark room now known between us as the Baby Spa went a very long way.

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