Friday, 20 April 2012

Sorry for my absence

Life is crazily busy here right now so the writing has taken a (very) temporary back seat.

Last week I took a few days away to visit a very dear friend in Wiltshire who has a 22 month old and 8 week old twins. I was prepared for hard work, I was prepared for the unexpected. I was even prepared to come back a bit more tired than when I went.

I can honestly say I had no idea. How she manages as she does I have no idea. How she wasn't screaming and shouting I have no idea. Except I do. She is in many ways an exceptional woman, very strong and positive, determined and motivated. She is also an example to everyone as to how any woman can be exceptional because she's also just a regular woman living a 'normal' life. Everything she has achieved she has decided to go for, worked hard for and deserved.

In short, she is my inspiration. Even more so now I have seen her in action with her newly expanded family!

For all those ladies out there who are having twins, expect to hear more about life with a double act as I delve vicariously into the life of the Mighty Jen!

p.s. other minor things going on include a new roof on our flat, the beginnings of a new bathroom and living room, lots of building dust, turning our pub kitchen into a nicer more domestic kitchen where the baby can roam free, trying to organise a book event for the pub, failing to organise a book event for the pub, and nursing my increasingly cranky baby through a humdinger of a Wiltshire cold!

p.p.s. anyone got a more restful holiday venue I can nab?

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