Sunday, 6 May 2012

How much baby equipment does one baby need?

As soon as I heard that two girls I know locally are having their first babies later this year I excitedly offered to go through my young baby kit for stuff they can use. For some reason I envisioned piles of useful items with enough to split between the two of them.

What was I thinking? Now I apply my mind to it, I find that I have very little equipment, even less when you take away those items that sounded good or were donated to me in good faith but turned out to be unnecessary.

I know some people have equipment for every eventuality but I had neither the money nor the inclination. So what does it amount to?

One bouncy baby chair.
One rather tired and boring play gym that desperately needs pimping.
A top and tail bowl (wehay! contain that excitement...used it twice I think).
A bumbo (good? bad? pointless? Felix certainly hated it and threw up every time he sat in it, poor pickle).
A cute but very short cycle musical cot mobile (have to wind it four times for one nappy change).
A baby bath (hated item, too big, too heavy to carry around full when you have no big bath to sit it in, will be glad to see the back of it).

It's not like I'm keeping lots either. Obviously I'm not giving away the cot. Though he rarely sleeps in it (we bed share and as the cot is a co-sleeper open to my side of the bed the most it sees of Felix is his legs on the nights when he shuffles around a lot and ends up with his head digging in my tummy and his feet pointing towards the cot bars). That said, I love my cot with a passion. I'm also not giving away my slings, even the ones I don't use now, though I one so people can try them out. Not the Didymos though. No, no, no.

I may also loan out what we call the 'super toy' and what a friend of my refers to as baby prison. It's one of those circular toys the baby sits in surrounded by toys. Love them or hate them, we found it invaluable for when I had to spend time with the baby in the kitchen (catering kitchen, not baby friendly at all) when a sling wasn't appropriate. Felix also loved it but his devotion is waning now he can move around more.

The only thing I have lots of is clothes as I was lucky enough to have two whole wardrobes of boy clothes, plus extras from others. I would happily spread these around, and keep some for myself (well, you never know...) but people will keep on producing girls!

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