Saturday, 12 May 2012

Is this my year to go green?

Truth be told, I have been dabbling in greenness for several years now, with varied success. I have had numerous goes at converting our household to green cleaning but somehow always slip back to easy store bought greenish (and not so green) products. The biggest and longest lasting success I have had in the last few years was discovering the power of vinegar for de-greasing. Wow. That stuff is amazing. And yes, before you ask, the smell does fade very quickly so we don't have a house that stinks like a fish and chip shop!

Felix's skin is sensitive and prone to eczema, which he definitely gets from me, and we have been using soap flakes instead of washing detergent for a couple of months now and it really seems to have made a difference. Obviously with eczema it is hard to know for sure what is having an impact, but the timing is right and put simply, if he sleeps on sheets that have been washed in detergent, he is very restless (if not unable to sleep) rubbing his head constantly and getting distressed, whereas if the sheets have been washed in soap flakes, he is not bothered at all. Also his eczema now comes on with significantly less severity and frequency, and is easier to calm down after a flare up.

This alone has made me look again at the chemicals we use in the house, and I will have one more try at binning the worst offenders. Realistically (knowing me...oooh! Abba!) I will never make all of my own products and indeed don't see the need given how much good stuff you can buy these days. But I have stocked up on Bicarbonate of Soda, and dusted down my how to clean green book.

We'll see how we get on...

photo by flickr user grrlscout224

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