Monday, 25 June 2012

Meal Planning Monday (25 June 2012)

I really enjoyed having a meal plan for last week. It seemed to take some off the load from the my poor child-focused brain and I was surprised at just how helpful I found it. I also was surprised that I stuck to it without any problems and it made it easier to fit in the cooking on days when I cooked something more fiddly.

All round a big thumbs up. So this week it's all about using up what's in the fridge to go shopping as little as possible and waste a little as possible.

Monday: Roast with Nut Cutlets

Tuesday: Pea & courgette flan, corn on the cob, bulgar wheat and salad (flan cooked off today so all ready)

Wednesday: Curry...something with coconut milk and a cauliflower side dish with lots of greens. Malaysian?

Thursday: Bean & Veg chilli (will make this Tuesday to (a) use up the tin of kidney beans I accidentally opened today and (b) to give it a couple of days to mature in flavour)

Friday: Pie, mash and greens

Saturday: Carrot, pea & leek risotto

Sunday: Veg & potato gratin and greens

Okay so I've already done the roast and that was great and I'll try to cook the curry on Tuesday to make Wednesday a bit easier because I'm out in the morning.

Now I just need inspiration on what pie to try this week!

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