Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Organisation for the Terminally Disorganised - Part One

My name is Abby and I am Terminally Disorganised. I have known it for a long time and struggle to get on top of it. I am both mentally and physically disorganised. When I look back at the end of the day, I can see where time was wasted, opportunities for efficiency missed and and life made harder instead of easier.

In need of a bit of tidying?
But can I see it at the time? Not very often. At least, not unless I am in a full-on Be More Organised phase. And if I'm honest, even then, without quite a bit of help, I am pretty hopeless.

This is a subject you regularly see in magazines, where they give useful tips for decluttering and improving storage. I almost always agree with what they say, though I have no hope of improving my storage if it always (as it seems to) means purchasing a beautiful custom built system or several hundred wicker baskets. Don't they know how dusty wicker baskets get and how impossible to clean they are? Plus I'm financially challenged at the moment so no chance of purchasing anything to improve storage that's not available in the sale section of my local tip (but that's for another post...).

Apart from the expense, I find my organisational problems are slightly more fundamental and therefore require a slightly different approach to the 'what you need is a magazine rack and a special basket that fits onto your stairs and you can pop everything in that needs to go upstairs and then carry it up next time you go, put it all away and then return the basket to its place at the foot of the stairs' approach. 

You know the basket I mean. I've never seen one of them at the tip. They've probably all been kicked to pieces by furious mothers who've found, yet again, that the bloody basket was anywhere but the right place at the right time, except for the one time it was at the bottom of the stairs and they fell over it coming downstairs with an armful of washing.

So for those of you who find organisational tips in magazines simply too advanced, or too expensive or just too smugly annoying, over the next few days I will be sharing my Guide to Organisation for the Terminally Disorganised.

To kick things off, a few basics:

(a) organisation is all about the mind, so next time you hear someone say 'a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind', don't throw your stapler at them, but put it away in your desk drawer and while you're in there throw out all those little bits of fluff and hole punch leftovers that collect in the corners.

(b) different kinds of disorganisation need different approaches, so decide now if are you time disorganised or is it forgetfulness or that old favourite plain old untidy with hoarding tendencies? Or if you struggle with all of it, welcome to my world!

(c) you don't need fancy solutions or to solve everything at once, who wants to be perfect anyway? There'd be nothing left to aim for in life.

(d) practice, practice, practice and eventually it will become habitual. I have faith in this one. Really. I'm still practising.

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