Saturday, 9 June 2012


When baby has gone down for a nap:

1. Make a very large strong coffee. Preferably accompanied by a larger cafetiere.

2. Jump in shower (having first squeezed around various building work installations, trip over piles of plasterboard off-cuts, discover the electricity is off in shower room, panic, gulp coffee to assuage panic, and then go and flip the switch on again).

3. Consider doing the 'put your skin cream on in three minutes to prevent drying skin out' but opt for making toast instead.

4. Unload dishwasher and move a few things around kitchen while toast is cooking, thereby rendering yourself completely virtuous.

5. Eat toast while skin is drying out.

6. Tweet.

7. Blog.

8. Revel in the fact the baby is not yet awake.

9. Realise you have left skin cream in the baby's room, in a box under his bed where he is currently sleeping (not your choice of storage location but playing with the tub kept him quiet while you were trying to do fourteen other things at once last night).

10. Resign yourself to dry skin and have another coffee!

Happy naptime!

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