Friday, 13 July 2012

Foodie Friday (13th June 2012)

I love risotto. Quite a lot. And I have happily switched to risotto made without cheese since the whole plant diet started. Turns out it's not essential like I assumed. I am aware though that as grains go, rice is not the best in terms of nutrition. You get a lot more buck for your bite from grains like quinoa and bulgar wheat.

So last week I decided to see if you could make a decent (and it has to be decent) risotto without rice...the aim is creamy, delicious and full of goodness. This would also be a practical risotto in that it's not cooked all in one pan with you stood over it for ages. You can cook the veg and the grain separately and mix it together at the last minute when you're ready to eat. Hooray!

The problem was, I didn't write any notes when I first made it. And it was sooo good. Sadly, when I tried to recreate it today, it just eluded me. It was tasty and healthy, but lacked flavour and...well, essential risotto-ness.

So this Foodie Friday is a memory of a great meal and a report of a miss. I shall work on my not-risotto and write it down properly next time!

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