Wednesday, 4 July 2012

I'm having one of those days

The builder didn't turn up to work until 11.30am and then seemed very offended that I didn't want to buy his leftover bathroom tiles. Problem is there were two colours, I only liked one, and there wasn't enough to do our bathroom. I'm pretty sure he thinks it was ok to count the tiles on our time as well...

Went to town with the babe to do a market veg shop. Got there (late, because I'd fruitlessly been waiting for the builder...) to find I'd left the sling at home and had no decent wet weather kit. Resisted giving in and doing a dry supermarket shop (sigh, trying to save pounds, never mind the pennies and we are only blessed with an expensive Co-operative). So I had to heft a one year old up the high street in the pouring rain, clutching my shopping bag, no arm left for a brolly, ignoring all the disapproving looks aimed at my sodden child.

Don't understand my new phone. When I say new it is a secondhand Blackberry my lovely friend gave me. Exciting? Theoretically, yes, it's great. It would be better if I could figure out how to use the damn thing, but I seem to have a brain block about it. 

The router has had a stroke of some kind and now the laptop will only connect to the internet if it sits very close by and the PC won't connect at all. That means ringing TalkTalk who are known for their customer service, aren't they? My joy increases.

And it's raining. Still. Constantly. Heavily. Depressingly. It is July, right?

So, here I am, about to get nicely hopped up on coffee and bourbon biscuits, trying not to snarl at the builder every time he passes in and out of the room (I thought the building site was upstairs but he seems to like being outside today). I am supposed to be either doing admin or cooking but neither appeals.

Instead I shall count my blessings to cheer myself up.

1. We thought some sick person had stolen all the Calvin and Hobbes cartoon books we had in the pub. Turns out we just hadn't looked for them properly so we still live in a world where you can have a snigger any time you fancy it.

2. Wet though it may be, we live in a very beautiful part of the world. And the rain just makes it greener and more lush and more lovely. Honestly, it looks great out the window. 

3. Husband is painting some fantastic paintings at the moment.

4. I have an amazing family who support me through thick and thin. 

5. I have bourbons and coffee and vegetables!

6. I have a baby who is simply divine.

7. Some day soon, I shall have a lovely flat to live in with a bathroom. A Bathroom! 

So I shall stop whining. Until the builder wakes up the baby with mucho mucho power tool noise that is...

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