Saturday, 14 July 2012

Power up Smoothie

We all felt in need of a boost this morning, so Kev (smoothie supremo) went to town with today's offering. This non-dairy smoothie is suitable for all ages from one year upwards (for under ones, leave out the flaxseed and don't use any sweetener).

Power up Smoothie
(the amounts are very flexible so use what you have and adjust to taste)

Spinach, couple of big handfuls
100g mixed soft fruit (today it was frozen mixed berries)
1 orange, peeled
1/2 banana, peeled
100ml oat milk
1/4 big pot soya yoghurt (fortified with calcium, & vits B & D)
2 tbsps ground flaxseed

Just whiz it all up (best to do spinach and frozen fruit first, then add the rest). Adjust the amount of milk according to how thick or runny you like it.

Other things you can add or substitute if you fancy it:

Any other fruits, including things like stewed rhubarb
Sweetener (honey if you eat it or maple syrup are better choices than agave syrup)
Avocado (this can replace the yoghurt or banana as all are creamy ingredients)
Nori seaweed (crumbled up)
Substitute the oat milk for any other non-dairy milk

This smoothie tastes great (you don't really taste the spinach and depending on your fruit it might not even turn it green!) and gives you a great kick of goodness. The spinach and orange are a good combination because the Vitamin C boosts your uptake of the iron. The flaxseed gives you omega 3 oils. There is loads of fibre, protein and calcium. If you add seaweed you get iodine and there are loads of healthy oils in avocado.

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