Thursday, 19 July 2012

The best toys in life are free

Yesterday I had a 'my baby's growing up fast' moment. My first one, as it happens, despite him already being 13 months. It's amazing. He can change his entire face shape just overnight. He develops new habits in the blink of an eye and is off developing something new before I've had a chance to get used to the last thing.

At the moment his fixations (sorry...interests) include any button associated with a little led light. He has learnt exactly where to place his sticky little finger to turn the television on (yes, I know, leaving it on standby is wrong for so many reasons) and  can pause the washing machine mid-cycle. This last one is understandably annoying as I return two hours after putting a load on to find the babe paused it after five minutes and it'll be another two hours before it's ready. He has also learnt to adjust the volume on the surround sound box so listening to his nursery rhyme CD is now a painful experience as he twiddles his way from whispering volume to eardrum burstingly loud. Lovely.

On the other hand, he is coming on really well with his shape sorter. Except tonight he got his hand stuck inside hole for the letter B and had a meltdown that lasted all the way through to bedtime. Oh well. He's also very good at thrashing his dad with a piece of foliage while he's in his carrier on walks to indicate he wants to go faster please.

Then there's his interest in cooking, in particular his love of spices. Last week the kitchen reeked of asafoetida (pungent, to say the least) and today it is cinnamon. A lovely smell when it is associated with spiced apple cake or hot cross buns, but not tipped out in large quantities all over the floor. And why is it his dad always walks in the door at exactly the moment that these things happen?

I am very much a 'let them explore the world' kind of woman so none of this really bothers me (well, I wish he hadn't learnt to turn the bedroom lights on from his cot since he likes to do this to celebrate particularly early morning wake-ups, and that reminds me I really must move the musical glo-worm from his cot...).

In fact, I love to see him pottering around finding everyday objects absolutely fascinating. My mum always said give a baby a bowl and a wooden spoon to keep them quiet and she was right. There is a pile of baby toys upstairs and they are played with, some everyday, but I reckon we could easily put half away and they wouldn't be missed.

So long as he is allowed a generous rein to rummage to his heart's content in all the dusty corners of the house, he will have a whale of a time and learn everything he needs to learn as he goes along. And together with a little of my time to admire his latest discovery, what more does a boy need?

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