Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Just call me Noah...

Tonight I am feeling aggrieved with my home. Quite often, living here is something like how I imagine Noah's ark to have been: damp, full of mess and never entirely sure where you are all headed.

Damp because dear old Wales can, at times, live up to it's sodden reputation and today has been such a day. But also damp because this building is, in far too many places, crumbling at the edges.

We have leaks that happen in particularly heavy rain, leaks that happen in wind driven rain, leaks that happen in a south-westerly and leaks that happen in a northerly. We have condensation due to inadequate heating, inappropriate ventilation and bad choices of materials. We have dodgy plumbing and a malfunctioning roof. During the big thaw in the winter before last we had no less than 15 burst pipes. 15!

In short, we are living in a sieve.

Tonight my gripe is particularly with the kitchen plumbing and I have now had enough. Although we are in a patch it up phase rather than a sort it out properly phase due to a lack of finances, there are some things that you just have to find the money for. And since my plumbing leaks are starting to affect the bottoms of the walls I can leave it no longer. Sadly I am not entirely sure what is leaking, apart from one or more sections that are - of course- behind the sink unit and dishwasher.

So tomorrow's task is to dismantle that part of the kitchen and test every piece of pipe and every joint until we run down the sucker that is dripping. It will then be taken outside and ritually destroyed.

I will enjoy that last part very much.


  1. sounds grim - plumbing is the worst!! and you have had your share and more. Keep smiling, I find I don't mind dropping the balls nearly so much if I do.

    Having given yr veg viewpoint much thought, tried to persuade dds that we could give some veg meals a go. very resistant, some politely and some less so! so canny husband tried part subsitution with quorn mince. Quite clever thought I. Rest of spag bol sauce bona fida but dd no2, with highly attuned senses spotted mystery component straight away. Subseqeuntly had to be forced to eat(quite an achievement with a 14 yr old but more to do with hunger than discipline I fear). More sucess achieved with turkey mince - not veg I hear you cry - no but not red meat! veg wars only just beginning.

    great blog, hopr babe is feeling all better,

    lol, the jugglerxx

    1. Thanks. I am definitely lucky converting at a time when my son is so little - I wouldn't want to tackle resistant teenagers! Good luck and keep plugging away at upping the veg content :)