Monday, 13 August 2012

Meal Planning Monday (13th August 2012)

So after writing my lovely meal plan last week I had to throw it out the window as the babe took sick. I found it just too hard to do much interesting or new cooking with a teeny cling-on who was not eating and therefore breastfeeding on and off all day long. Poor little man. He is on the mend now so hopefully this week will go a little smoother.

Thank heavens for freezer food! I do now need to do some batch cooking to replace what we ate but after all, that's what it is there for...

Some of the meals from last week I have just transferred onto this week's plan. I have also been ultra efficient and written down what veg we have to use up in the next couple of days so I can plan properly. Amazing for a completely disorganised woman!

Lunch: Vegetable soup & sandwiches
Vegetable, potato & lentil stew with soft polenta

Lunch: Aubergine & white bean puree toasted sandwiches (never got round to these last week)
Dinner:  Roasted veg, bulgar wheat risotto & nutty greens 

Lunch: Avocado pesto & new potato pasta (yes, it was gorgeous and yes, you don't need cheese in pesto!)
Dinner: Vegetable gratin, quinoa salad & green salad

Lunch: Vegetable soup & sandwiches 
Dinner: Lentil herders pie, baked beans & potatoes

Lunch: Sloppy Joes
Dinner:  Lentil herders pie, baked beans & potatoes (yes, we did just have that but Fridays are mad)

Lunch: Visitors coming and bringing well behaved is that?
Dinner: Depends on what food visitors bring...

Calzone (not entirely sure how or what flavour but there will be mushrooms and peppers and something clever with tofutti instead of cheese...) with salad
Dinner: Lots of veg (depends on what's left)

Snacks & puddings
Tinned, fresh and dried fruit, smoothie, crackers or rice cakes & nut butter or hummus or marmite, whole nuts, yoghurt, muffins.

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  1. Avocado Pesto - that's a revelation! Going to try that one very soon. Your list has made me feel a tad hungry (to say the least!!)

  2. I always have calzone at my fav Italian for starter. It's so good! Hope your little un is better x