Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Meal Planning Monday (20th August 1012)

Okay I know it's Wednesday, but I'm only late posting not actually writing the meal plan...honest!

We're having a big push to promote my husband's art at the moment and I'm so busy I don't know if I'm coming or going. I'm trying very hard to hang on to some semblance of organisation, but with finishing moving into our newly renovated flat properly and keeping up with the babe who seems to be developing much faster than I thought possible it's a close run thing! It's all good fun though.

Anyway, back to food. As usual last week's plan got rather jumbled up and I never got round to the Calzone on Sunday as I made pizza for the visiting masses on Saturday. Nor did we try the Sloppy Joes, so both of those feature again this week. However, the aubergine and white bean puree sandwiches were a triumph and I will post about those soon. Definitely a keeper recipe.

My mission this week is to eat more greens and to try to find a sugar free diary free but somehow still delicious chocolate cake or brownie recipe. I will find a way!

So here's this week's main meals (lunch planning in detail has been beyond me so far, but there will be sandwiches and fajitas and Sloppy Joes).

Roast dinner with roast veg, yorkshire puds and creamy savoy cabbage

Bean and vegetable summery stew, with quinoa, new potatoes and broccoli

Veg and bean hash with watercress

Chana masala, saag aloo, rice and (maybe) flatbreads

Noodles with black bean sauce and garlicky greens

Egyptian lentil stew with pan fried carrots & spring greens


Tinned, fresh and dried fruit, smoothie, crackers or rice cakes & nut butter or hummus or marmite, whole nuts, yoghurt, muffins, oat & fruit chewy bars (am refining a new recipe). 

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