Monday, 6 August 2012

Meal Planning Monday (6th August 2012)

I seriously don't know where the time has gone this week. I do know that the cut on my middle finger makes typing really awkward, and that I have Pooh Bear's 'The more it snows Tiddly Pom' poem going round and round in my head. Tiredness is an odd thing...

Anyway all of that has very little to do with meal planning! This past two weeks I have been mugging up on nutrition. I had been suffering from a slight waiver of confidence in my knowledge about plant power, mostly to do with my appalling memory rather than a real lack of knowledge. In a bid to not have to reread all my books every three months, I am sorting out prompt sheets on the key info. Perhaps now my poor overloaded baby brain won't have to work quite so hard.

I have also recently discovered Chloe Coscarelli's website so I'm going to try some of the great-sounding recipes from there this week.

Monday - My Birthday! Yay!
Breakfast: ooh la la! Is that brunch out and about? I think so!
Lunch: A little sandwich and cake perhaps to keep us going until...
Dinner: Curry! My fave meal. Not quite figured out where from but somehow, somewhere, there will be curry...

Lunch: weekend odds and sods: veg & lentil soup with sandwiches or lentil stew & spinach wraps
Dinner:  Black Bean burgers with mango & avocado, potato wedges, corn on the cob & salad...grrrr

Lunch: Avocado pesto & new potato pasta (yes, carb central but hubby cycles far Wednesday ams)
Dinner: Roasted veg, bulgar wheat risotto and greens

Lunch: Aubergine & white bean puree toasted sandwiches...chef chloe says they are delish
Dinner: Bean & vegetable stew, quinoa & potatoes

Lunch: Dhal, flat bread, potato & spring green curry
Dinner: Vegetable gratin, quinoa salad & green salad

Lunch: Soup or sandwiches (depending on weather)
Dinner: Mushroom & lentil bolognese

Lunch: Pizza (second experiment with no cheese! building on success of first ones which were yum....)
Dinner: Lots of veg (depends on what's left)

Snacks & puddings
Tinned, fresh and dried fruit, smoothie, crackers or rice cakes & nut butter or hummus or marmite, whole nuts, yoghurt, muffins.

For more on Meal Planning Monday, visit At Home with Mrs B and hello to Stateside meal planners at Menu Plan Monday at I'm an Organizing Junkie.


  1. Happy Birthday!! I hope you have an amazing day :)
    Lots of lovely food on your planner x

  2. Thanks! I am having a lovely day. Didn't take us long to go off-plan as we've just had tomorrow's lunch today...!

  3. Happy Birthday :-) Your menu sounds very good! Hope you get your curry x

  4. A REALLY great meal plan and I LOVE the idea of your Aubergine & white bean puree toasted sandwiches. Happy Birthday!