Wednesday, 8 August 2012

When building products beat all else

So, it has come to this. I am finding myself excited by a new plasterboard product.

Yes. I did say plasterboard.

Given that we have been renovating our flat on and off for about 3 years now, you would think I was over such things, but no. This morning Kev came home from the market and a visit to a friend's with a sample piece of plasterboard-type stuff made from plastic leftover...well, bits.

It's thermal, it's paintable, it's glueable.

It will transform the dreadful external wet wall we have in our dank kitchen that suffers from condensation and worse. It will keep the kitchen warmer (no heating, no insulation, ceramic tiles on floor, no sun in winter...brrr!). It won't cost very much to buy.

Could this be my favourite buy of the summer? How did it come to this?

Ah well, I'm off to have a barley cup (there's no help for me now, I'm not even drinking coffee...)

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