Saturday, 8 September 2012

A catch-up

I'm sat here on a Saturday night listening to Kylie Minogue singing at the BBC Proms in the Park concert (didn't mean to but actually it's really good) and wondering where the last three weeks have gone. I have pondered hard and still cannot quite pin down my time.

It's a little disconcerting.

I know we have spent quite a bit of time sorting out our flat, now that the renovations are largely finished and we can live in the whole flat again instead of one small section (oh the luxury of space!). The wood burner is in and we spent one lovely evening sweating on the sofa in our pants because we were determined to have a fire even though it was far too warm!

We have now moved on to unpacking our belongings that have been in storage for anything from 2 to 5 years. Today I am surrounded by books and trying to decide which ones I really need to keep and which can go. Sniff sniff. I hate getting rid of books. I'm stubbornly not getting rid of old novels unless they are really rubbish. I developed my reading habits browsing along my parents bookshelves and I want my boy to grow up surrounded by all kinds of books.

Unpacking boxes we packed up before we moved to Wales in 2007 has brought on a healthy dose of nostalgia and of course each box takes far longer to sort out than it should as we revel in 'do you remember that' and 'is this yours? it's not mine' and 'I can't believe I used to look like that!'.

Most of my evenings after the baby is in bed have been taken up with getting my husband's art presence online sorted out. Essential work but I must admit I have been going a bit cross eyed staring at a computer screen too long, hence the blog being temporarily on a back burner. It didn't help that I mysteriously lost an entire camera card of photos: high resolution art photos, enough photos for at least four blog posts, baby photos (boo hoo), the lot went. I suspect little fingers playing with the PS3 remote which is newly linked to our PC with bluetooth as I cannot come up with any other scenario. It is amazing where those little fingers take the PS3 these days, to screens I have never seen before and can never find again!

Otherwise life has been a bit of a fog. I know there's been some time trying to sort out our damp pit of a kitchen which is slowly resolving itself. Who'd have thought condensation could be so destructive? And in one of the most humid years I can ever remember, a damp absorbing kitchen is not good.

Oh I do have some good news! Rocket Dog are having a great sale on Amazon so I treated myself to a lovely pair of bright turquoise pumps for £6! They are very jaunty and I love them.

I'm off now to sing along to Kylie who is doing a fab job!

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