Thursday, 20 September 2012

Notes from a Womble Garden - 1

You can read the introduction to my Womble Garden Challenge here.

As I watched the rain wash over our village today, as if someone was pouring a never emptying bucket out, I decided I needed a plan of action for the garden that didn't entail going outside. As it is, that's fine for now. The plot that will become my garden has a lot of nesting birds on it and I want to be sure they are completely finished before I start to hack it about.

I have already been getting into the Womble mindset as we clear out five years of clutter and debris from the unrenovated part of our flat. From the stuff we no longer need, I have squirreled away the following, potentially useful, items:

  • two very large flat metal gastronorm kitchen trays (bit like baking trays) from the kitchen for use in a potting shed (will be great for watering small seedling pots in).
  • one wire grill rack (could be useful for raising plant pots up or as a climbing plant support).
  • one metal ladle, also for use in the potting shed (spooning soil and so on).
  • two waiter's aprons (short ones with two deep pockets) for organising gardening apparatus about my person!
  • various wooden window frames that might be turnable into cold frames.

I am also doing an inventory of gardening items I already possess to ensure I don't double up on anything. Here it is so far:
  • several packets of vegetable and complementary flower seeds that are still in date.
  • plenty of small and medium sized plastic plant pots
  • smaller number of large plant pots
  • trowel, fork and hoe
  • two compost bins (one in use)
  • one worm compost bin (not in use)
  • one bokashi compost system (not used, might try swapping for something more useful)
  • small amount of horticultural fleece
  • various packets of plant food
  • lots of gardening books, including one very good one about the allotment year and my beloved permaculture book
  • one watering can (on it's way out but still useable)
  • one wheel barrow
  • one tub of Diatomaceous Earth (why? Why?!)
  • plastic plant ties
  • pea netting
  • bamboo canes (20+)
  • one miniature greenhouse which has lost its plastic cover
  • lots of plant pot feet 
  • one water butt (in use on our roof terrace)

Not a bad haul for starters, is it? I haven't finished excavating the flat yet so there will be more to come, and I will then turn my attention to our crumbling outhouses. I have started tracking how the sun reaches the plot, but I didn't finish before the weather broke so am now waiting for a fine day... 

Next up will be my autumn plan of action.

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