Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Swapshop - the new freecycle but with bells on!

My local town has some kindly people who run the Swapshop email service. It's a weekly email sent round free to subscribers listing items offered and wanted, as well as local events. The idea is that items are offered or requested for a swap, though some are listed as free to a good home.

I love it! I am signed up to a few local freecycle groups but haven't yet dived in to them and the emails clutter up my inbox annoyingly. Plus in our area, all the good stuff goes on Swapshop.

This week I have swapped two jars of my mum's chutney (of which I have a bit of a surfeit) for a cupboard and changing table for the baby's room. It's in great condition and the perfect size.

In a couple of days I will be picking up a bike that is all ready to ride, for just a packet of biscuits and some veg for the owner's lovely donkeys.

I am also using Swapshop to rid us of some of our unwanted items. So far I have swapped two radiator dryers for some baking goodies, and an old SLR camera for toddler toys and books.

It's a great idea, well organised, that makes this hard up mother feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

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