Thursday, 25 October 2012

Meal Planning Monday (22 October 2012)

Okay, so Thursday might be pushing it for joining in with Meal Planning Monday, but this week is not a normal week.

The babe has chicken pox so I am more than a little disorganised. He's not sleeping, not eating and not self-entertaining. In short, he is Always There and always needing me, poor pickle.

Still, food needs producing regardless so this week the theme is definitely 'Easy Meals and Stuff I found in the Freezer'. Sadly, I haven't found as much in the freezer as I would like so as soon as the babe is better I shall do a big batch cooking session.

Anyway, meals we have had or are going to have this week include:

Lentil Herder's Pie 
(big batch made so that's a start with that freezer)

Winter vegetable stir-fry
(I know, only Autumn, but there you go)

(dairy free, delicious, won me many brownie points with husband)

Spicy bean and tomato soup

Cheat's mushroom, spinach and lentil Curry
(only cheating because it uses bought curry paste, of which I am a big fan)

Cheat's mushroom, spinach and chickpea Curry
(spot the difference...)

For the babe so far: medicine, breast milk, grapes and pizza (yes, even with a sore mouth!)

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  1. Wow if this is you disorganised then can't wait to see an organinsed week :-) Great fan of curry paste too so not cheating at all!

    Hope Felix is better soon, as I am sure you have heard lots people say but I will too, it is always good to get it out the way young! x

  2. What a lovely comment, thank you! Felix is quite a bit better today so we're all happier :)

    Am also happy because I found some quinoa and bean croquettes in the freezer I had forgotten about so that's tomorrow sorted!