Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Meal Planning Monday (5th November 2012)

I had some mixed results with last weeks plan. I had forgotten that one of the cookery books I rediscovered so excitedly was actually rather peculiar and contained unreliable recipes that tended to list ingredients and then forget to mention them at all in the method...most annoying! So my Refried Beans were guesswork and turned out too bland. Next time (and there will be a next time) I will put in more oomph.

The Sweet and Sour lentils (which were really just fancy dhal) were not particularly sweet or sour. However, they did have one saving grace. Combined with quinoa and a few other flavours, they made the loveliest little croquettes! I am working on a really good recipe which I will post in due course.

This week I am going back to basics to cut down on cooking time and get a few other essential tasks out the way that have piled up (accounts - bleurgh - and fitting cheat's secondary glazing to some old windows for winter). As usual all the food is meat and dairy free.

Black Bean fridge stew
(Beans need using as do a few other bits and pieces)

Spaghetti Bolognese
(Mushroom and green lentils)

Spicy Bean Soup

(an old favourite from Delia with added greens)

Bulgar Wheat Vegetable Risotto
(will finally pin down the recipe and post)

Mixed Bean Chilli
(need to make a big batch for the freezer)

Red Bean patties filled with coconut and coriander chutney
(didn't get round to this last week so if I have time I will try this week)


(baby has Breakfast and Broccoli muffins in the freezer)

(have promised husband I won't eat this batch so quickly...)

(cold days means more hot breakfasts)

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  1. I’m stopping by for a visit from Organizing Junkie, Menu Plan Monday.
    It's nice to have some meals already prepared for those rough pain days. I can just ask the hubby and son to heat it up.
    I added quinoa to the grocery list this week. I have several recipes to try out.
    This time of year can definitely add up. I’m working on my shopping lists for this week, looking for sales. We’re not having turkey this Thanksgiving. The choices are pizza or homemade lasagna. We’re turkey’ed out!
    Everything looks so delicious.
    I hope you have a wonderful week.

    1. Hi again :)

      I am such a fan of quinoa, especially recipes where it is 'disguised' as my husband is not a fan of it just plain on the plate. Thankfully it's very versatile!

      Hope you have a good Thanksgiving.

  2. Hot breakfasts are definitely the way forward. The porridge has made an appearance in our house, and hot Weetabix (which hubby calls "an abomination" !!) Hope you have a lovely week x

    1. Hmm...in my world porridge is the abomination. There's something about the texture I cannot stand! Husband, however, loves it.