Monday, 3 December 2012

We're back! And this time we have glitter! Oh...and a meal plan.

We've been through the mill a bit recently, what with the fire, teething, horrible colds, heavy workloads and over-committing ourselves a tad (well, I'm guilty on that score) and so the blog has had to take a back seat.

My little boy is now just into his third week of molar teething (three at once and very slow progress) and tonight as he tried to eat some soft bread he screwed up his face and said 'oooowwwweee' and spat it out. That was the end of dinner. He's not eating a lot which isn't great, but thank heavens for us still breastfeeding as at least he gets enough to keep him going. Poor sausage. And now he has a very heavy cold too, which even makes the breastfeeding hard going as he's completely blocked up, as am I so we make a sorry pair!

Sorting out the aftermath of our thankfully small house fire still rumbles tediously on but I am hopeful we are nearly there. I can at least now use the toaster without getting twitchy about the cooking smell...

Alongside managing to get elected as Chair of our new village Play Association (still not sure how that happened) and being asked to join our weekly playgroup committee (anyone willing to sell me some of their daily hours? please?) I have been organising our village's first Christmas Tree and Turning On of the Lights event. It's a last minute affair to cheer us all up after a difficult year and is a fabulously Blue Peter affair (sticky tape, toilet rolls and lots of enthusiasm). It will be alright on the night (please don't rain) but it's nerve-racking in the run up as NOTHING is completely ready. Yikes!

Anyway, a few festive photos and then I promise I will show you my meal plan!

Yesterday we had a load of the village kids round to make decorations for the Christmas Tree. Lets just say there was a lot of glitter, a lot of glue, and some rather impressive parental crafting ideas!

The decorations look fabulous and I am going to have to force myself to take them out of the pub and put them on the tree! We had a lot of fun making them, and a right giggle at the end when we realised all the kids were at one end of the pub playing pool while the adults fiddled with tinsel at the other end...

Finally, this is our Christmas Tree being adorned with lights. Honestly. Can anyone spot the tree surgeon manhandling some flashing bulbs? Oo-eer!

Now I just have to hold my nerve and hope the trombonist finds some friends to make up a mini-silver band to help us celebrate on Saturday when we turn on the lights!

So onto my meal plan - finally! I haven't planned our food properly for the last three weeks and things have really gone to pot. I even feel like I haven't had enough vegetables, which is ridiculous as all I eat is vegetables, but there's been way too much grabbing of snack food and it stops here! Hopefully...

Roast Dinner with Quinoa, Borlotti Bean and Walnut Croquettes

(packed full of toddler nutrients like greens and flax seeds and tooth-soothingly cold)

 Mexican Bean and Tomato Pasta
(hubby's new favourite simple dinner)

Mushroom Pie with mash, veg and gravy
(gotta love those freezer meal days)

Curry - potatoes, spinach, mushrooms, dhal...

 Slow-cooked winter vegetable soup

Sandwiches, fruit, muffins, flapjack...

That's more like it :)

For more on Meal Planning Monday head over to At Home with Mrs B or if you are Stateside, go to I'm an Organizing Junkie (link up soon).


  1. I hope you're getting help recovering from the fire, I had a house fire about 5 years ago, completely destroyed my kitchen. Your meal plan sounds lovely! x

    1. Thankfully our fire was smaller than yours, but it is very shocking. I have been surprised by that. Sorry to hear about your kitchen :(

  2. ah no, teething is dreadful! It's amazing how any more than one tooth and all hell breaks loose! Bubbah just got his top two through in the last few days and he was horrendously grouchy/in pain for about three weeks before :|

    Meal plan sounds gorgeous. Good luck with your million and one tasks!

    1. I must say I think Nature really failed with teething! And having three molars coming through at once is just plain mean...hope your little one is happier now the teeth are through.

  3. i got the glitter out at the weekend for decoration making and it's now all over the house!!! ha!... B

    1. Yep, we've got glitter everywhere too. One of our customers even ended up with some in his beard...but he was making decorations so collateral damage :)

  4. The pie sounds lovely, it's one of my favs at this time of year.
    The decoration making looked like fun :) x

    1. Pie was delicious and decorations were indeed lots of fun. I think I will make us some next week to pad out pub decorations (ok, I just want to use more glitter and glue...)

  5. Lovely girl, so sorry to hear about the fire :( Hope you get sorted soon. Meals sound delicious as always! x

    1. Thank you :) At least Christmas is a nice distraction.