Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Turning a house into a home without spending a penny!

We finished the bulk of our flat renovations last summer but haven't had a chance before now to really start to make it a home, so it's been bare walls and much talked of shelving plans all autumn and winter. But my husband has taken advantage of our current two weeks holiday to nail some of those plans down (ha ha!) and I am loving the results!

We don't have any money to spend on the flat right now so we are using things we already own and can restyle.

Here, Kev has made an over-window shelving unit to make better use of a deep window recess. He has also fitted a computer table and shelving above so I can blog in comfort. All the picture frames have come from charity shops over the years.

The shelving is all made from floorboards we've taken up from various parts of the building and the computer table was an old kitchen table that had spent two years in someone's front garden and then another two in our not very watertight shed. It's scrubbed up very nicely!

Our lovely new bathroom has also had some attention. Some generous neighbours gave us some bathroom paint they didn't need and this time the shelving is leftover from flooring we laid in the pub some years ago (good solid oak). We already owned the big mirror and the little shaving mirror was a charity shop find.

More bathroom shelving is being manufactured as I type. It is amazingly satisfying to still be able to get our home in order while not spending any money. It also helps no end with tidying the place up...!

What projects have you been up to recently?

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