Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Mama's Weekly Plant Based Meal Plan (29 April 2013)

I'm having a little difficulty accepting that it is now May. A little more sun might help...please? I'm still not feeling very well - this cold is a right humdinger - and have absolutely no sense of taste or smell, which is making my cooking erratic to say the least! Poor husband has grimaced his way through some rather odd meals this week.

I went to my mum's on Saturday to meet up with some old friends of theirs and had a lovely day. But I did feel tired and driving home was a bit much so I stopped for a break and to get something to eat. Because I was tired I didn't do what I should have done which was get some fruit, instead I headed to the cake section and bought some dairy free chocolate slices. They are nice enough and used to be a treat, but I have been gradually knocking sugar out of my diet in the last 8 months and it's been a while since I had these cakes.

Blimey. I had forgotten:

a. how sweet these things are once you stop eating sugar regularly
b. how sick they make you feel after only a couple of small pieces
c. how quick the energy rush from refined sugar fades
d. just how much eating sugar makes you want to eat more sugar.

A year ago I never would have noticed any of this, but since having nothing more than moderate amounts of maple syrup in baking and the tiny bit of sugar that goes into a loaf of bread, for so long your tastebuds really do change.

In giving up sugar I am extending this to my son. I have had quite a bit of criticism for this - always politely put of course - which does annoy me sometimes but mostly I shrug it off. I believe sugar is damaging to our health and I don't want my son to develop a  palate that requires large amounts of sugar. It's pretty simple really: my son, my choice. No need for anyone to get defensive and instantly start justifying their own choices, let alone tell me I am being mean to my son by not giving him sugar filled treats.

There's a nice little rant for a Wednesday morning! If you're still with me, here is my first extended meal plan showing what my little (poor deprived :) plant eating boy gets to eat. There are five lunches and dinners to leave space for repetition and leftovers.

Boy's Lunches:
  • Lentil & Vegetable Soup with toast
  • Mexican Bean Pasta Soup with toast
  • Baked beans, toast & avocado
  • Dhal, roasted butternut squash & flat bread
  • Hummus, avocado, & lettuce sandwiches with tomato wedges
Boy's Dinners:
  • Creamy greens pasta
  • Hummus, avocado, broccoli, carrot, potato or rice
  • Roast dinner (roasted veg, broccoli, carrots, bean stew, potato)
  • Vegetable & lentil gratin with brown rice,shredded greens & tomato
  • Lentil & vegetable soup & breadsticks

Snacks & puddings

  • Yoghurt
  • Fresh fruit (apple, orange, grapes, bananas)
  • Toast & yeast extract / nut butter / hummus
  • Hummus & breadsticks or vegetable fingers
  • Chocolate quinoa muffins & almond quinoa muffins
  • Flapjack
  • Avocado
Our lunches:
  • Lentil & Vegetable Soup with bread or sandwiches
  • Mexican Bean Pasta Soup with bread
  • Dhal, greens, rice & flat bread
  • Hummus, avocado, & lettuce sandwiches with tomato wedges
  • Hash with mushrooms, peppers & beans
Our dinners:
  • Roast dinner with nut cutlets, yorkshire puds & lots of veg
  • Oriental mushroom cottage pie mix with added greens & rice
  • Vegetable & lentil gratin with brown rice and salad
  • Curry (not decided what type yet), rice and dhal
  • Bean chilli , rice and salad

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