Eating our way through the plant kingdom

As a family in April we adopted a plant-based diet, essentially giving up meat and dairy products. We occasionally eat these foods when out and about, partly because we like them and partly because it is easier, but plants now make up at least 95% of our diet.

When I tell people this they tend to get a mystified expression on their face, as if they (a) cannot imagine living with meat and dairy and (b) can't really imagine what a plant-based diet consists of. Most people assume you can't get what you need nutritionally from plants, and quite a few of them are outright horrified at the idea!

Our reasons are that we think for us it is the healthier option. We don't call ourselves vegan partly because we do sometimes eat meat and dairy, but also because we've not made this change for ethical reasons (that's not to say we don't agree with them).

So if you are interested in a plant-based diet, or just want to eat more vegetarian or vegan food, then make yourself comfortable, look around and join in. I like knowledge and so you'll find quite a bit about the nutrition side of the diet as well as recipes and feedback on what's good and what's not.

There is also our eternal search for the perfect veggie or bean burger (preferably more than one...) without which life will just not be complete!

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  1. Good for you! (and your family)
    Please feel free to share your recipe links on my site!